Safety protocols when training in the gym in times of coronavirus

In times of coronavirus it is safer to train with us and not outdoors. At Sport Fitness GYM you will find our facilities prepared to carry out your training since we have already implemented and adapted biosecurity protocols.

Contrary to training in closed and controlled spaces, training outdoors leaves you completely exposed to the virus because there is no kind of control and most of the people are wearing mouth covers or facemasks, elements that are not good for sports practices.

Exercising with mouth covers or facemasks can be dangerous for your health because these elements block the oxygen from entering your body, while generating much more pressure on your lungs and heart. Likewise, training with these elements can cause dizziness or fainting and at Sport Fitness GYM, we recommend you to do any kind of physical activity in closed spaces with biosafety protocols or at home with online programs with professional guidance in order to monitor your health.

If you are a Sport Fitness GYM affiliate and you decide to start your training again in our facilities, please note that you will have to meet with our biosafety protocol.

Biosafety Protocol

Please meet the following instructions during your stay in our facilities:
  • Use mouth cover or facemask when arriving at the gym.
  • Keep your hair up.
  • Bring two towels, anti-bacterial and alcohol for personal use.
  • Follow our disinfection process, body temperature measurement and hand washing.
  • Fill out our prevention form and please specify if you have presented any of these symptoms: body weakness, discomfort, fatigue or if you have felt sick in recent days.
  • Keep a physical distance from other users, at least 2 meters away.

Note: Keep in mind that in case of constant assistance from other affiliates, you must respect the training times of maximum one (1) hour per person. Due to biosecurity issues, we have control of entry and stay.


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Lastly, if you are not a Sport Fitness GYM affiliate, we want to invite you to carry out your training in conditioned gyms with biosafety protocols to avoid the contagion and spread of the coronavirus, to take care of your health and not to expose yourself to training with public crowds outdoors.

“Remember that preventing the spread of the coronavirus is everyone’s responsibility”.

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