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What will you get?

With Sport Fitness GYM you reach your physical and personal goals, and at the same time, find a place that will help you to:

Eliminate stress and anxiety

Improve self-esteem and well-being

Infuse desires of self-improvement


  • Aligns your body and corrects your posture
  • Improves coordination, balance and stability
  • Works breathing, strength and endurance


  • Loses weight and keeps your body in shape
  • Strengthens back and tones buttocks and legs
  • Improves your coordination and your health

Tae Bo

  • Boosts your vitality and learns self-defense
  • Increases your strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Exercises all the muscles of your body at the same time.


  • Helps to burn fat and tones your body at the same time
  • Improves your physical and cardiovascular endurance
  • Optimizes your mobility and your breathing


  • Stimulates muscular endurance of your body
  • Relieves muscle and joint pains
  • Battles stress and helps improve your health

G.A.P (B.A.L - Buttocks - Abdomen - Leg)

  • Strengthens the abdominal area, buttocks and thighs
  • Boosts the stability and resistance of your body
  • Battles cellulite and corrects back problems


  • Helps lower body fat levels
  • Improves stability and posture of your body
  • Avoids injuries and corrects everyday movements

Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Helps burn body fat without losing muscle mass
  • Improves endurance and cardiovascular physical performance
  • Delays the internal and external aging of your body


  • Helps to tone and strengthen the abdominal area
  • Improves stability, balance and coordination
  • Decreases back pain and risk of injuries


  • Helps to tone your legs, buttocks and abs
  • Improves both aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • Strengthens your muscles and optimizes your fitness


  • Improves mood and concentration process
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases and contributes to your health
  • Helps to keep an ideal weight and gives positive energy

Suspension Training (TRX)

  • Strengthens the muscles of your entire body
  • Improves your mobility, coordination and flexibility
  • Helps in muscle injuries recovering processes
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About Sport Fitness GYM

Founded in October 31st, 1996, Sport Fitness GYM, is a customized sport gym for all types of people. During these years, our goal has been, is and will be to offer each of our customers the best experience through motivational classes with high-tech equipment and certified professional instructors in order to help them meet their personal, physical and sports goals and get a better lifestyle with the best results.